Droopy branches on Columnar Aspen trees

Towering Poplar with droopy branches, Calgary

This fall after the firest wet snowfall, many clients contacted me about their Columnar Aspen, Swedis Aspen and Towering Poplar trees.

Many of the trees accumulated wet snow on their thin branches which bent or even broku under the weight of the snow.

My advice for my clients in this case is to knock off all the snow you can reach as soon as you can to avoid any dameges in the tree.
Prune out all the deadwood and broken branches, buy stretchy tape, cotton string or even bungee cord in your local plant/tree shop.

As you stay fron of the tree, you can notice that branches on the trees are growing in clusters around the main trunk. Start from the bottom of the tree, wrap droopy braneches with tape or sting and gently bring the branches back closer to the main trunk. Repeat this with every branches hanging down.

Remember not to tie them too tide as the string could cause damage to the branches. All tapes and string as to be re-done after coulple of years to prevent it from choking the branches off.